About Us

DAYS DRIVE is an indie rock band from Texas. Comprised of four members: Brian Warwick (vocals/guitar), Jason Killen (bass), Andy Klueh (drums), and Steven Klueh (guitar/keyboard), DAYS DRIVE combines intelligent lyrics and creative melodies to sculpt songs that are meaningful, energetic, and passionate.

The band was created in 2006 by front man Brian Warwick. Three months after forming, they recorded their debut album, NAVIGATE, and released it in March of 2006. Word quickly spread about their music on the Internet, and in a short time they had orders coming in from the United States, Canada, and parts of Europe. Navigate eventually received national airplay on XM Radio, when DAYS DRIVE was featured as a top unsigned band by XM's Radar Report. Today, the album continues to spread through word of mouth and the internet.

DAYS DRIVE is serious about what they do, and their love for music is evident in their intense live shows. In 2010, they shared the stage with bands such as Vallejo and Deep Ella, and have become regulars at Houston festivals including the Chevron Houston Marathon and Midtown Block Parties. They have also just released their newest EP called Monochrome, and are in the process of recording music videos for it. Music is their passion, their love, their therapy, and DAYS DRIVE will continue their goal of spreading great music to the world.

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